Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Days Parade:
Veterans and Filthy Fred Phelps Gang
Square Off in Washington DC

Check out the signs--education in America pays off

Done for the day, we were over at Wake Up America and saw "Facing Off The Westboro Cult". The picture above came from the events Spree describes that happens at the Veterans Day Parade in Washington, DC today.

The infamous Westboro cult, the despicable group that travels the country disturbing the funerals of dead servicemen, was in town. Read the story, then head over (as WUA advises) to The Mountain to get a further reporting and more pictures of the confrontations between the protesters and veterans present. Scroll the whole way down the page for photos.
Vets respond to protesters

It will be well worth the five-ten minutes you spend.

by Mondoreb
& Ginn


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