Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Unsolved Mysteries

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Red Planet Cartoons explores Whitewashing History today.

Red Planet quotes Bruce Bartlett in the Wall Street Journal about the mystery so many blacks vote Democrat. Bartlett quotes a recent Paul Krugman article.
A key piece of evidence for Mr. Krugman is that Ronald Reagan gave his first speech after accepting the Republican presidential nomination in 1980 near Philadelphia, Miss., where three civil rights workers were murdered in 1964. In the course of this speech, Reagan said he supported “states’ rights.” Mr. Krugman says this was code declaring his secret sympathy for Southern racism…

However, if a single mention of states’ rights 27 years ago is sufficient to damn the Republican Party for racism ever afterwards, what about the 200-year record of prominent Democrats who didn’t bother with code words? They were openly and explicitly for slavery before the Civil War, supported lynching and “Jim Crow” laws after the war, and regularly defended segregation and white supremacy throughout most of the 20th century.

For more on this mystery, as well as a plethora of links to other historical articles on this conundrum, surf on over to Red Planet Cartoons for Whitewashing History.

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