Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Biggest Bust: The War on Drugs


America has had a "War on Drugs" since the Nixon administration, based on prohibition and criminalizing drugs. That policy has drained hundreds of billions from our economy, driven drug traffic underground, and raised the price on a commodity that otherwise would cost pennies. Domestically and internationally our "War on Drugs" policies are not only a dismal failure, they produce the exact opposite result.
Paul B. Farrell wrote the above words in a MarketWatch piece earlier this week.

No matter where you turn these days, one can find an honest assessment of the War on Drugs. It's the longest-running war in USA history, surpassed in length and futility only by the equally-inane War on Poverty.

With no end in sight, billions spent, thousands imprisoned and make-work jobs in the Federal bureaucracy its only victory, the War on Drugs is another stark reminder of a governmental nightmare in action. "Regulating U.S. citizens' chemical preferences" is just another example things government doesn't do well.

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