Monday, September 10, 2007

BLOG OF THE WEEK: Outraged Spleen of Zion

NOTE: Every week Death by 1000 Papercuts will be reviewing a site that is the sort that us "Rightwing Madmen" would enjoy checking out.
This week we look at BabbaZee's.

BLOG: The Outraged Spleen of Zion
REVIEWER: Little Baby Ginn

In cyberworld everyone has their favorite blogs, you know the ones that light that particular fire and dazzle those neurons. Babbazeesbrain is the crËme de la crËme for yours truly, Little Baby Ginn.

I spied Babbazee over at Little Green Footballs, Little Baby Ginn’s favorite blog of all blogs. This little chickee blew my mind from the get-go. A woman of considerable talent, Babbazee is someone I would join forces with in a heartbeat. This woman is a full force Radical Conservative, an intellect and wit that dazzles Little Baby Ginn from beginning to end.

From Babba’s Blog:

Shalom and Salute, Infidels, Crusaders and Paisnowitzes! Welcome to the Zionist Hobby Center. Peer into the impervious Zionist Hair Rays of BabbaZee. Behold, she casts out Brigades of Gramscian Whores and the ravening Beasts of Islam, delivering them into the Mighty Right Hand of the God of Israel, to be utterly destroyed. Granmsci Crackers and Goat Milk will be served in the lounge after the smitings. Try some of our nice Zionist Occu-Pie.

To those who haven’t been over to Little Green Footballs this may sound like gibberish but it is in fact, genius wrapped up in a beautifully neat little package.

Babba and I are members of the Panty Smoters Guild. It’s been a long time since God chose to smite someone so we decided it was time to take up smiting again, this time using panties as our weapon of choice.

Continue reading rest of article.
The Zionists Hair Rays… a very cool inside joke.

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  1. oy mein gutt
    I'm SO embarrassed!

    {mwah} to the LBG

  2. Love you.. love, love, love your blog!


  3. One of the frequently overlooked aspects of Outraged Spleen is the library. Babba's site has a comprehensive collection of literature (including whole books), audio and video resources concerning Islam. There are also resources, likely as deep as one can find on the net, of the prophetic literature and myths of Jews, Christians, and the two primary branches of Islam. Babba is a determined scholar in these areas and is quick to assist anyone with a question (so they can go back on LGF and kick some butt).


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