Monday, September 24, 2007

Carter Legacy: Like a Ghoul from a Grave

Brzezinski Says:

by Mondoreb

Another Carter-era pronouncement?
What was it about the time period 1976-1980 that trapped Carter and his minions in a glaze of mental paralysis? Everywhere one looks these days, you see these guys spouting off about US foreign affairs. It was bad enough they got almost EVERYTHING wrong when they were in charge. Now, through their trusty MSM poodles. they'll try to influence events from afar.

Today's guest on Another Jimmy Carter Has-Been Speaks is Zbigniew Brzezinski. From CNN:
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski likened U.S. officials' saber rattling about Iran's alleged nuclear ambitions to similar statements made before the start of the Iraq war.
"I think the administration, the president and the vice president particularly, are trying to hype the atmosphere, and that is reminiscent of what preceded the war in Iraq," Brzezinski told CNN's "Late Edition" on Sunday.
First, it was Carter himself, whistling anti-Semitically while he worked at creating a Palestinian homeland free to live, love and blow up Israelis. Now, Brezinski is here to assure all that Iran is nothing more than James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause--only with a looming nuclear capability.
Thank goodness for adults.
But Henry Kissinger, the former national security adviser and secretary of state under President Nixon, appeared not to doubt Iran's alleged ambitions.

"I believe they are building a capability to build a nuclear bomb," Kissinger told CNN. "I don't think they're yet in a position to build a nuclear bomb, but they may be two or three years away from it."

Brzezinski would know all about national security. Under Carter, US national security was never lower. The Soviets advanced worldwide, Afghanistan became a Soviet province and Iran threatened, captured and humiliated Americans daily for the world to see.

Jimmy and Zbigniew's tough-minded solution: Like a petulant schoolgirl, Jimmy refused to leave the Rose Garden til Iran released the hostages. Surprised that that approach failed, he then sent helicopters to crash in the desert. That one mission typified Carter's approach to threats to U.S. interests: too little, too late, accompanied by much hand-wringing and self-serving sanctimonious platitudes.

Like a ghoul from the grave, Carter and his henchmen won't leave US vital interests alone. The only Carter Gang member I ever get nostalgic for is Billy Carter, with his ever-present can of beer. Sadly, he passed away in 1988.
Pity the whole Carter worldview's still here.

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  1. I was always under the impression that everyone born outside of the USA is smarter than Americans. I mean they keep saying so, and the left agrees, so it must be true, Pat

  2. PAT:
    I've always heard that an "expert" on any subject is someone from out of town. Same principle here, as you point out.

    I think it might be the funny accent thing they have going on.


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