Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Daily Cox & Forkum: HillaryCare Back from the Grave

Cox & Forkum

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  1. Hillary has a budget estimate of 100 Billion per year. So I did a take-off using $300 per person for presently uninsured. A conservative estimate that does not take into account eyes, dental and drugs. Using her figure of 47 Million uninsured, I get a budget of $169 billion. And that does not include the rule of Unintended Consequences that accompanies every Federal spending program.

  2. Good Lord, Pat.. Stop that! You're not supposed to figure that out!


  3. Ginn, I will say another odd thing. Fox news reported (Britt Hume), that one half of the uninsured were aliens. Now this is curious on 2 levels. If they are illegal aliens they should not be counted at all for these purposes. And that would mean there were 24 million illegals in this country versus the 10-12 million the government has been saying, but a lot closer to the 30 million that is sometimes mentioned. One wonders if the government is lying about the number of illegals. Pat


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