Friday, September 28, 2007


The Strange Case of Methodists, the Caterpillar and the Co-Conspirator

by Little Baby Ginn
The strange story of how the Methodists threaten American jobs at Catepillar while rubbing shoulders with an apologist for HAMAS.

If a Liberal tells you that the “Christians” support Bush you might want to point out the position of the United Methodists. The third largest religious body in America their membership is 7.9 million. They are anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, anti-Bush, anti-Iraq War and have a relationship with the Islamic Society Of North America.
According to this release the United Methodist Lobby will be voting next April on whether to divest their 5 million dollars of Caterpillar, Inc. stock because Caterpillar sells bulldozers to Israel and that this action facilitates “Israel’s destruction of Palestinian property.” More here.
Over at the United Methodist’s General Board And Society Site was a notice for an “Interfaith Fast To End The War In Iraq, October 8, 2007.”

Who is this Below is an excerpt from their site. Curiously it is rather poorly written and also seems to be anti-Iraq war. From their website:
We call on all Americans to join in fasting from dawn to dusk on Monday, October 8, to call for an end to the Iraq War. On this day, people of faith in local communities across our nation will act as catalysts to transform the meaning of the day from one of conquest to community and from violence to reverence.
Why: This war must end!
Interfast info

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