Saturday, September 8, 2007

Evil Dick Cheney Lawyer "Tells All"

US Families Sleep Safer with WashPo Watching Over the Republic

By Mondoreb

The Washington Post
is onto Dick Cheney. Their resolve never wavers. They are ever vigilant. Women and children in the United States can breathe a little easier.

In a non-story earlier this week, WashPo details how Vice President Cheney's top lawyer, David S. Addington "pushed relentlessly to expand the powers of the executive branch." Quoting liberally (no pun intended) from "The Terror Presidency", a book that otherwise would have slipped unnoticed onto the remainders table, WashPo drops the usual Left buzzwords and phrases throughout: "unusual glimpse of fierce internal dissent", "engaging in tactics that pushed legal boundaries", and "Cheney is a Nazi".

OK, so that last phrase was mine.

In the Washington Post's account, the book, by a former US Justice Department lawyer, Jack Goldsmith, relates how Addington, now Cheney's chief of staff, schemed 24/7 to overthrow the Constitution and usher in a new totalitarian US government.

There are the usual tidbits about how hiring at the Bush Justice Department was--gasp!--political. Goldsmith himself survived the harrowing experience of being asked, "Are you a Republican?"

The story neglected any mention of recently-captured jihadis on US soil, the 3000+ murdered in the Twin Towers or terrorist threats. It did mention that "Goldsmith portrayed the senior officials with whom he regularly met as unremittingly fearful of another terrorist attack and determined "to act aggressively and preemptively."

Halfway through the narrative, after stopping to splash water on my face and pop some amphetamines, I struggled to stay awake. But having accomplished that, a new appreciation for the Post's gutty, selfless fight against White House tyranny dawned. Their reporters never rested: they were always on guard, protecting me, my family and my possessions from The Rock Band of Evil: Dick Cheney and His Crazed Minions.

I know.

I know.

I should burn some incense, get down on my knees and thank Darwin for The Washington Post: they stand up to the Republicans who seek to enslave the Republic. I should compose an email thanking them. I should send a donation. At the least, I should subscribe, helping The Washington Post in their long, losing cage match against a declining subscriber base.

I'm hoping someone else might do it. I'm too busy making sure Cheney doesn't burn the US Constitution before he leaves office.

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