Tuesday, September 25, 2007


[Graphic by Little Baby Ginn]
by Little Baby Ginn

The MSM has reported MSNBC has gone missing as a credible and reputable news source. Sources say MSNBC was last sighted pandering to ratings with its hippest, newest Hip-Celeb-Journalist-Cum-Savvy-Political-Guy-on-the-planet, Keith Olbermann.
MSNBC extended Olbermann’s contract to another four years because of a ratings spike for the network. The decision was made from up on high that MSNBC’s reputation as a serious major news source would be sacrificed to ratings. Enter the schlock news guy Olbermann.

Olbermann’s tired angle is to attack President Bush at every conceivable opportunity. No need to question Olbermann’s patriotism because most question his sanity.
MSNBC’s cohort in the MSM, CBS, just learned the hard way about not checking the insanity of a top performer. Their ex-resident psycho, anchor Dan Rather, slapped them with a 70 million dollar lawsuit alleging fraud. “What’s the frequency” Gunga Dan’s latest salvo against CBS claims he was given unimportant assignments, a major cut in 'face time' on TV, and a smaller staff. Evidently this was so highly insulting to Rather that only 70 million bucks of moolah will soothe the savage, and quite nutty, beast.
This was in the aftermath of Rather “reporting” an unsubstantiated story about Bush just prior to the election. CBS chose to stand Rather down rather than frogmarching him from the building. The fiasco was a blatantly intentional attempt by Rather and his cronies to sway a presidential election.
The rest of us could see this coming from a mile away. You’d think a major news organization, chocked full of investigative journalists, could have seen this about Rather years ago--heck, decades ago.
Evidently not deterred by the moral of CBS’ long saga with Rather I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new nightly news lineup at MSNBC to showcase their new “news” star, Olbermann. Such gems as “The Ted Rall’s Roundup” followed by “The Opie And Anthony Show’ then onto “The Bill Moyer Vampire Hour.”
As a fan of MSNBC General Manager Dan Abrams, I kind of feel sorry for him: Olbermann’s antics have already tainted MSNBC as the Coco Puffs news network.

NOTE: We admit, hating Keith Olbermann is a guilty pleasure. We're looking for any articles, links, pix, graphics--anything anti-KO at all. We'll be putting out our special Death by 1000 Papercuts' "I Hate Keith Olbermann" edition on October 13, 2007. More info at I Hate Keith Olbermann.

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