Monday, September 17, 2007


by Mondoreb
graphics by RAPH

Iran wants to nuke us.
Slowly, the reality of it is sinking in: the window is fast closing to protect this country from possible nuclear devastation. Some observers guess that Iran may possess the ability to produce an atomic bomb within months. And they have repeatedly stated what they would like to do to America. And what they will do to Israel.

Iran wants to nuke us.
And their ways are the ways of the coward: they will operate on the premise of easy deniability. How easy to slip an atomic across the border or even to the border of Israel with a Palestinian operative. And what suicide bomber wouldn't be persuaded that Allah might grant to him 144 virgins if he could only wound the Great Satan.

Iran wants to nuke us.
Does anyone seriously think that any of the Democrats running for presidents will protect America--until it's too late? Watching them dot their political "i"s and cross their focus group "t"s, is anyone inspired they would sacrifice any political capital in the defense of this country? They won't do it now and they are only running for president. The U.S. has approximately a little over 15 months to snuff out this noxious threat.

Iran wants to nuke us.
We don't have to nuke Iran to stop this menace. We don't have to listen to the outpourings of dismay from the Eurowhiners. How many people remember the whiners from 1980 when Israel bombed the Osirak reactor in Iraq? How many thousands would have suffered had the Israelis not acted bravely and decisively? Did they expect that Jimmy Carter would have acted? That is, other than race to the nearest microphone expressing his "concern"?

Iran wants to nuke us.
This is a threat to the United States. It is a threat to U.S. interests. It is a threat to Americans. The Left will moan. The Left is terrified that the US might defend itself and Europe won't like us. Peace marchers will bray, CodePink will make us hurl, life will go on and St. Louis schools will still be "atomic free zones".
If the upcoming president is a Democrat, we will be no better than the Euros: a watcher, a waiter, a victim. History will look back and shake its head at our failure when we had the capability of staving off our own destruction.

Millions will die, while we stood by.

Put that on a sign and march to it.

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  1. Great story, Mondo...

    Some want war with Iran... for the wrong reasons.. they will say it's another reason to impeach Bush as a fascist warmonger in cahoots with Cheney and Halliburton...

    "Citizen Cheney's (Kane) final word slips from his lips....


  2. GINN:"Citizen Cheney's (Kane) final word slips from his lips....


    You've been watching those late moveies again, haven't you?

  3. Thought I already posted this but thanks Ginn. Just a re-work of a WWII poster. Seemed appropriate


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