Wednesday, October 3, 2007

$150,000 Bounty No Problem:

Swedish Artist Considers Doing
Musical About His Cartoon

[Lars Vilks original cartoon of dog with head of Mohammed.]

by Mondoreb & Little Baby Ginn

"Oh! Mecca!"?
How about "The Lyin' King"?
My Fair Mo?

Artist-cum-cartoonist Lars Vilks is thinking of turning his cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed into a musical.
From the AP:
He's offended Muslims worldwide and al-Qaida wants him dead but Swedish artist Lars Vilks said Monday he has no regrets about portraying the Prophet Muhammad as a dog.

Vilks, 61, told The Associated Press he even plans to convert the row over his prophet drawings into a musical, with prominent roles depicting Iran's president, Sweden's prime minister and al-Qaida terrorists.

"A musical comes to mind ... I think it would help the debate," Vilks said after breaking away from a business seminar in southern Sweden.

The eccentric sculptor and academic appeared unfazed by death threats and the risk of rekindling fiery protests that swept across Muslim countries last year against Danish newspaper cartoons of Muhammad.

"Personally I'm not afraid," Vilks said, although he lives in a secret location under police protection. He also admits to looking for bombs underneath his car.
Apparently the $100,000 price on his head didn't slow Vilks down any (it was $150,000 if he was "slaughtered like a lamb"). - Bigger, Better!.


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