Wednesday, October 10, 2007

AQI Deck of Death:
Playing Cards Mock the U.S.


by Mondoreb
Original story by Little Baby Ginn & Mondoreb

It was one week ago that Death by 1000 Papercuts posted a story about al-Qaeda in Iraq issuing playing cards similar to those the US handed out when hunting down leaders of Sadaam Hussein's regime. Only these cards had pictures of Iraqi tribal leaders AQI had assassinated or had plans to kill.

In that week, the net has been scanned everyday for further news or commentary on this event. Al-Qaeda in Iraq mocks the United States and threatens tribal leaders who've grown tired of AQI barbarism and thrown in their lot with the U.S. Our original post follows.

[Death by 1000 Papercuts/October 3 2007: AQI Deals Cards of Death]
Al-Qaeda in Iraq released playing cards with pictures of tribal leaders they've already assassinated, and ones they hope to soon kill, on them. They hope to kill the anti-AQI tribal leaders before the end of Ramadan.

Modeled after the playing cards U.S. forces issued in its hunt for top Sadaam Hussein officials soon after Iraq fell, the cards were released within the last week.
From MEMRI, The Middle East Media Research Institute and the Islamists Websites Monitor Project

No. 140
September 25, 2007
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Publishes List of Tribal Leaders It Intends to Assassinate Before 'Id Al-Fitr

The Islamist website, hosted by SoftLayer Technologies Inc. in Texas, USA, has published a list of names, some with photos, titled "Pictures of the Infidels and Apostates Wanted by the Islamic State of Iraq." The message accompanying the list praises the September 13, 2007 assassination of Al-Anbar Salvation Council head 'Abd Al-Sattar Abu Risha by the ISI, [1] and threatens other tribal leaders who oppose Al-Qaeda: "We killed your leader and sheikh on the first day of Ramadan, as we promised you. You should know that the ISI will prevent most of your [other] leaders from offering up their holiday prayers [on 'Id Al-Fitr at the end of the month of Ramadan]. You will never see 'Id Al-Fitr, because [the jihad fighters] have turned [this] Ramadan into a grave for the apostates. [Abu Risha] is the first... dead hypocrite of this month - [the month of] jihad and mujahideen - and will be followed by many others."
Forewarned is forearmed.

One week of watching for further news on this remarkable story and not a word. One expects this kind of silence from the Mainstream Media. If an event in Iraq might ignite outrage or loathing for the enemy in Iraq, the MSM goes to an immediate news blackout mode.

But from the blogosphere?
Except for the original translation from MEMRI, not a pixel. Where's Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch, Daniel Pipes, or Steve Emerson? Surely there's at least one diarist at TheDailyKOS that's tempted to back the hand of AQI. Further searches reveals no further tribal leaders killed since the original story, but news from the Iraqi hinterlands is sometimes delayed.

Has any other tribal leaders been assassinated? Has AQI scored any further PR gains with their macabre deck of cards? Will any further comments on this be forthcoming?

The man that's on the Ace of Spades would like to know.



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