Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bhutto Speaks Out Defiantly:

Her Campaign After the Pakistan Bomb Blast

[image: CNN]

by Mondoreb

Her campaign to unseat Pakistan's current president Gen. Pervez Musharraf will continue. Benazir Bhutto will not let a little thing like a deadly bomb blast stop her. Friday, she named al-Qaeda as the prime agent in the attack.
At her first news conference since the terror attack last evening in Karachi Benazir Bhutto says that four Al Qaeda affiliate groups were involved.
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Former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto has called the deadly terrorist attack on her convoy "an attack on democracy" and vowed it would not deter her political campaign or her fight for human rights.

Bhutto, 54, hopes to earn a third term as prime minister in January's parliamentary elections.

She returned to Pakistan on Thursday after a self-imposed, eight-year exile.

"What does the attack last night signify? The attack was more an attack on the unity and integrity of the country than on any individual or any one political party," Bhutto said at a news conference on Friday, a day after the terror attack that killed 136 people.

"It was an attack on Pakistan itself. It was an attack on their political rights, on the political process and on democracy itself. The attack last night was a message sent by the enemies of democracy to all the political parties of the country.

"It was intended to intimidate and blackmail all the political forces and elements working for democracy and human rights in the country. It was a warning not only to me and the PPP (People's Political Party) but to all political parties -- indeed, to the entire civil society."

House speaker Nancy Pelosi condemned the attack and blasted Islamic extremists for their resistance to women's equality. Coming from Pelosi, who wore a head scarf during an earlier visit to Syria, this sounded a bit opportunistic. The contrast is startling: Bhutto campaigns and speaks out despite death threats in Pakistan; Pelosi kowtows, then speaks out from the safety of San Francisco.

Talk's cheap.


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