Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Boston Lawyer Faces Teen Rape Charges: Former People Magazine"Eligible Bachelor"

Hiding from view
[photo:Boston Herald]

by Mondoreb & Little Baby Ginn

DBKP UPDATE: January 7, 2008 - Gary Zerola: Former Eligible Bachelor's Rape Trial Begins Tomorrow

A look at how a mostly-adoring media--and one pissed-off girl--viewed Gary Zerola over the last seven years.

This story can be classified in a lot of different catagories: "Look How Far They've Fallen", "Examples of Bad Lawyers", or "Karma". Former eligible-bachelor-gone-bad, Gary Zerola was back in the news again. From the Boston Herald:
A high-profile attorney, already facing charges in Boston for allegedly sexually assaulting two teens, “force fed” drugs to an 18-year-old before raping her in a posh Miami Beach hotel, police say.

Gary Zerola was in Florida after sneaking out of state without permission of his probation officer last week to see the Patriots play the Dolphins, officials charge.

The Lynn native, a former Suffolk and Essex prosecutor and one-time People magazine Most Eligible Bachelor is scheduled to go to trial here Nov. 28 on multiple counts of rape and supplying liquor to a minor stemming from two separate charges of rape and attempted rape of 19-year-old women in 2004 and 2006.
Gary sound like he's been a busy barrister. Maybe this story needs to be filed under "Look Where Hard Work Will Get You".


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