Thursday, October 18, 2007

Children's Health Care & The Veto Showdown:

Recalling When Workers Took Home 98% of their Paycheck

FDA concerned?
With adults making up half the insured in some states,
Truth in Labeling laws are being violated.


"You may remember that we tried to do that [pass her health care bill] in 1993 and 1994. We weren't totally successful, but I did not give up." --Hillary Clinton

by Mondoreb

As recently as 1962, the average American received 98% of his paycheck. Only 2% was taken out in various taxes, fees, charges and whatnot. There would be a lot of stunned American workers if they opened their paychecks and found that they had gotten 98% of what they had earned.

A showdown over SCHIP and no end in sight to what the bill is or would do. One thing is for sure: it would make it harder than ever for workers to receive more on their paychecks.

From CNN:
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Congress and President Bush are headed to a showdown with no sign of compromise on a popular children's health care bill.

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote Thursday on whether to override Bush's veto of a plan expanding the state-run Children's Health Insurance Program.

Though Democrats have pounded Republicans over the issue for two weeks, House GOP leaders predict they will have the votes needed to uphold the veto.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Wednesday, "We are still in this fight."
Harry Reid was answering questions about whether a deal might be reached on the bill, but he just as may have been answering questions on whether American workers might be able to keep more of their hard-earned wages.
"No. No. No," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said this week when asked if he was open to a deal on the measure that would provide $35 billion for children's health care.
Even though the bill was dressed up in the usual kids' clothing that Democrats have found so appealing, Americans are getting harder to fool. Perhaps it's because they remember that quote from Hillary Clinton on the piecemeal expansion of government.

Maybe even some still dream of those not-so-long ago days of the 98% paycheck.

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