Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dowd: "Madness as Method":

More Evil Dick Cheney Evidence

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by Mondoreb

Another day, another New York Times edition, another Maureen Dowd column. Must mean another story about Evil Dick Cheney and His Minions of Mayhem threatening life as we know it. Dowd takes her cue from the EuroPolitical Handbook: crazy Americans are talking actions, not words. How uncouth.

Warn other countries when they come close to treading on America's interests? Maureen Dowd would rather that we read them a love story. Or her latest NY Times column. Another "Change-the-Channel Moment" from Mo D. and the Times.

More Dowd blather from the New York Times:
He may have lost his buddy in belligerence, Rummy. He may have tapped out the military in Iraq. He may not be able to persuade Congress so easily anymore — except for Hillary — to issue warlike resolutions. He can’t cow Condi into supporting his bullying as he once did, and Bob Gates is doing his best to instill some common sense.

Besides, Cheney is running out of time to wreak global havoc; he’s working for a president who is spending his waning days on the job trying to prevent children from getting health insurance.
One sympathizes with Dowd: she has to write about something to make a living. Evil Dick Cheney is a sure cure for NYT writer's block any day. Nixon, WWIV and other ominous references get thrown into this mix for just the right touch. She closes with:
In other words, once our cowboys have talked their crazy talk, they have to walk their crazy walk.

Maureen Dowd sounds positively European: where the American pejorative du jour is always "cowboy".

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