Monday, October 15, 2007

Fidel Castro & Hugo Chavez

S. America's Communist Bobbsey Twins

Hugo bargains with buddy Fidel in oil-for-cigars swap?
[AFP photo]

by Mondoreb

Another sign of the "new and bruising power" is JammieWearingFool's photos and analysis of Fidel Castro. Looking like a "dead man walking", Castro yuks it up with fellow leftist dictator-in-waiting, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, and points out to the camera where heart used to be.

Castro operates one of the last Communist paradises left; Hugo hopes to join the elite club. The people of both countries, meanwhile

Meanwhile, dissidents and exiles continue their deathwatch of the ailing Cuban revolutionary. The minutes do drag by when your only company in a Cuban prison is the rats. Maybe some trendy Leftist lawyer with a hate on for Gitmo could arrange some sort of prisoner swap.
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