Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fresh Out


by Mondoreb

I'm exhausted. I'm beat. Miller Time. "Bushed" as the Left might put it. Tempted to take the next hour off, the whole day, maybe even a vacation. What's brought about all this whining?

I'm in a terrific mood this morning.

I'm in good spirits and my sense of outrage is temporarily down for maintenance. Where is the outrage? Who knows? But that adrenaline rush to the brain everytime a totally ridiculous thought is committed to pixels is MIA right now. I think my supply of outrage is out of stock.

Dead monks in Burma? Not right now. The constant faux-outrage from the Left? Yawn. Another suicide bomber blows up a herd of goats? Not this morning. Nothing is working me into a lather right now.

Uh oh.

I see a story where the Russian strongman Putin called America a "Nazi state". He must have been reading TheDailyKOS. It's a toss-up to whether it's more likely his speech came from the Congressional Democrats or the Troofers.

Okay, enough complaining. Time to get back to work.


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