Thursday, October 25, 2007

George Carlin: No Outrage, Just Sadness


by Mondoreb

What's an old guy to do? It's not so funny to waddle out on the stage with a walker and complain about that pain in your shoulder. George Carlin, looking for some attention these days, opens his mouth and out come the purest of "feelings". No thoughts were included.

From Allahpundit, over at Hot Air, complete with dual videos:
No need for grandiose outrage here. He’s been saying stuff like this for decades. In fact it’s a core part of his act, which is why he’s allowed to skate.

Everyone’s a sheep, everyone’s a follower, blindly obeying the great They that keeps us all in line. All except him, of course. And that nutroots imagining of Edward R. Murrow sitting across the desk from him.
Bits Blog addressed a troublesome point:
The only outstanding question about all of this, to my mind, is where are all the people who were complaining so loudly about Glenn Beck, last night?
Then almost like a telemarketer with a mark, Chuckie picked up the scent and answered.
Yes, Mr. Bits, I do think what he said was totally wrong and idiotic as hell. They Deserved it?!?!?! Yikes. I know I’d be quite ticked if someone had said that, if I was involved in it.
So that's George Carlin in a nutshell. He's the same guy he's always been, except trends have passed him by. His shtick stills goes over well in Berkeley and New York City, but elsewhere, he's just some guy in an ever-present sweat suit with a pony-tail

Outrage? For anyone who rolled around 30 years ago in a weed-induced fog of merriment, laughing at Carlin then, it's hard to feel anything but sad.

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