Friday, October 26, 2007

Giuliani's Illegal Immigration Plan:

"Give Me Three Years"


by Mondoreb & Little Baby Ginn

Rudy Giuliani wants to do for the U.S. as president what he couldn't do for New York City as mayor: reduce illegal immigration within three years.

More on a man with a plan by the New York Daily News:

If elected president, Rudy Giuliani wants to do for illegal immigration what he did for crime in New York City - reduce it dramatically within as little as three years.

"It can be done. It is not impossible," Giuliani told an Iowa town hall-style meeting on Wednesday night. "You can do this, you can stop them at the border."

To get the job done, Giuliani said he would boost the number of border patrol agents to 18,000 from the current 12,000 - much like he increased the size of the NYPD as mayor - and build a physical and "technological" border along the U.S.-Mexico border.

"If you do this for two or three years, you'll change behavior," Giuliani said. "If people come to the border and figure they can't get in, they'll stop."

Giuliani has been touting his illegal immigration plans since last summer, but his pledge to put a time-limit on dealing with the problem - considered among the most complex on the domestic front - is a more recent addition.
The generally-friendly tone of the article addressed a concern of many in the last paragraph.
Giuliani - who as mayor was considered among the most immigrant-friendly executives in the country - has stopped short of calling for the deportation of all illegal immigrants, saying deporting 12 million people is an unrealistic goal.

But he has called for the immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants who commit crimes.
So Rudy's joined the chorus of those strawmen-builders who keep addressing a question which has never been brought up by anyone except themselves:

"Can we deport all the illegals?"

He's spent considerably less time addressing his record as mayor on this problem and his support of sanctuary laws then on the books and any attempt by city officials to change them.

Giuliani doesn't require a dressing-down on this problem, but the insistent questions remain until he answers them; brushing them aside whenever they are raised or changing the channel won't satisfy those want to know.

The question of an ID card, and whether there will ever be such an animal remains for a later date.


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