Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Goose Creek Bombers:

Bomber's Brother Caught Sending "Sinister" Code on Jailhouse Camera

by Mondoreb & Little Baby Ginn

The Goose Creek bombers are in the news again. First, they were caught outside a naval base with pipe bombs. CAIR issued a press release stating they were just fun-loving boys with fireworks. Then, it was discovered that one of the two had made a YouTube video showing how to detonate explosives with remote control cars.

Now, the brother of one of the bombers was discovered relaying coded messages throught the jailhouse video cameras. From National Terror Alert:

An odd video raises new questions about the USF students involved in the Goose Creek terror case. Ahmed Mohamed and Yousef Megahed are already charged with driving explosives across state lines. Now prosecutors
say Megahed’s brother Yehia, was caught sending a sinister code through a closed circuit jail-house camera.

In the video captured on closed circuit cameras in the jail where Megahed is being held, Megaheds brother clearly appears to be sending disturbing signals and some type of sign language.

Prosecutors are arguing that this tape alone should be enough to keep him in jail however they also argue that Megahed is dangerous and a flight risk.

The VIDEO in question:

As Gateway Pundit puts it: This is an AMAZING video!

What's the message? Does he know sign language or not?
Was there going to be a jailhouse breakout attempt?
The biggest question: what's the next piece in this curious story going to be?


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