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Graeme Frost, HillaryCare, and "Meanies":

Questions & Super Bugs in the System


"You may remember that we tried to do that [pass her health care bill] in 1993 and 1994. We weren't totally successful, but I did not give up."

by Mondoreb

The headline didn't have the sensationalist bite that "Brain-Eating Microbes Kill Boy in Arizona Lake", but it did catch my attention.

Super Bug Kills 90 in UK
From CNN:
LONDON-- Nurses who didn't wash their hands and left patients lying in soiled beds were cited in an official report blaming mismanagement for the deaths of 90 people who contracted a bacterial infection in hospitals in southern England.

"Significant failings" at all levels contributed to infections of more than 1,000 patients at three hospitals, the Healthcare Commission said Thursday.

The patients were infected with Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, which can cause diarrhea, colitis and other intestinal problems, officials said.

"The Healthcare Commission has passed the copy of the report to us and that is being reviewed," said a spokesman for Kent Police, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with force policy.
One notices the "Healthcare Commission", is a government entity in the U.K. charged with providing Britons with the English version of HillaryCare. While reading the story, a question arises: Why would trial lawyers support socialized medicine? One of the plaintiffs' bar's most lucrative scams is endlessly suing members of the medical profession over every unfortunate outcome even slightly connected with medicine.

Socialized medicine will substitute Il Duce Hillary for Doc Jones. When Clostridium difficile strikes in the U.S., where will the loved ones of the deceased turn for succor under HillaryCare 2.0? Trial lawyers won't be able to pay their 'faux-expert witnesses' on what they'll make attempting to sue the United States government. No answer quickly came to mind as to why the ambulance-chasing community would continue to write checks to a candidate taking the food off their table.

Back to Super Bug:
The report into the spread of the highly contagious bacterium said nurses at three hospitals run by the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS trust were often too busy to wash their hands and left patients in their own excrement.

In recent years, Britain's superbug infection rates of bacteria like Clostridium difficile and MRSA have skyrocketed. In the 1990s, only five percent of in-hospital blood infections were from MRSA, the deadly bacteria resistant to nearly every available antibiotic. In past years, that figure has jumped to more than 40 percent.
A single snapshot from the European system that HillaryCare, EdwardsCare and other Democrat socialized health care schemes would have Americans believe is the latest ticket to a Socialist Workers Party paradise. And to any who offer evidence that government is not a solution here: the same dreary, droning chorus about how such evidence is the product of malevolence personified. Scratch the surface of any person questioning Dem poster child, Graeme Frost, and you'll find a--what? Another question?
Scratch the surface and perhaps you'll find Michelle Malkin:

To review quickly: We are now “meanies,” “hypocrites,” “slimers,” and “mobsters” for challenging the wisdom of taking money away from taxpayers of lesser means who are responsible enough to buy insurance before a catastrophic event in order to subsidize two-property, three-car families with four children in private schools and two parents who work “intermittently” and “part-time” who didn’t have the foresight or priorities to purchase insurance before a tragic auto accident.
Malkin couldn't possibly differ philosophically with the goose-stepping, "it's-my-right" hordes of lazy-thinking HillaryCare toadies. There are no questions here to be answered. One advantage of voting Democrat is that all your thinking is done for you: reduced into easily-remembered sound bites for the mainstream media. When you have the Left writing the rebuttal to any argument in American politics today, the script leans heavily on invective, inventive and otherwise.

Ultimately, it boils down to that same old questions, "Can the federal government run my life better than I can?" and "Why does anyone think that a government that has trouble delivering Uncle Frank's birthday card can deliver Uncle Frank's kidney operation?" As Mark Steyn put it:
Ultimately it's a reductive notion of liberty to say a free-born citizen can choose his own breakfast cereal and DVD rentals and cable package and, in the case of the Frosts, three premium vehicles, but demand the government take responsibility for all the grown-up stuff.
This week, stories of Super Bugs, trial lawyers, Graeme Frost, and left wing pejoratives provoked questions. But all one heard in the mainstream press was the music of the merrily-marching minions of socialized HillaryCare and its clones.

Don't look here for answers to those questions: a college football game beckons this afternoon and pigskins, not polemics, will be the main concern. No answers, but two more quotations will join the quote opening this post. One, by Hillary Clinton, is about how politics works. The other, by Tennessee Williams, is about how magic works.
Read them both and the reader may arrive at his own answers.
"The challenge now is to practice politics as the art of making what appears to be impossible, possible."

"Yes, I have tricks in my pocket, I have things up my sleeve. [A stage magician] gives us illusion that has the appearance of truth."

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