Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Hate Keith Olbermann- First Edition

All graphics by RidesAPaleHorse
text by Mondoreb

Welcome to our Special Edition/Blogcarnival of "I Hate Keith Olbermann". Our first edition will feature the graphics of RidesAPaleHorse. Each artist has his own muse; at our urging, RAPH's muse this post was KO. "Moonbat Olbermann" gets us off to a rousing start.
Anyone sitting through a segment of Olbermann's 'Countdown' show might wonder at "The Mind of Keith Olbermann". RAPH provides one popular view.
RAPH's answers the question, "Is Olberman a boring, run-of-the-mill-foam-flecked nut?" Another take is this person's confession, I Hate Keith Olbermann!!!
Everybody loves the Simpsons: RAPH and I do, we're not sure about Keith Olbermann.

And here's a YouTube video examining whether Keith Olbermann is a racist. Bashing of Media Matters is included, at no extra charge!

And we wind down this October edition of "I Hate Keith Olbermann" with a RAPH rendition of the Olberman Clock: like the Countdown anchor, it's seldom right.

If you're looking for this edition on the web, you'll have to look under our site name Keith Olberman and the Small Penis.

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