Saturday, October 27, 2007

Immigration Agent Busts Blow-up Doll

A celebration breaks out during a trip to the beach
when a woman meets her long-lost twin

by Mondoreb

Immigration agents are busy with many tasks, but not too busy to take up the cause of enslaved blow-up dolls. It isn't Larry Craig this time, but it was filed under "Breaking News", so we had to put it up. Your tax dollars work overtime in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. More on public restroom sex antics from the New York Post:
A man was arrested after a government agent allegedly found him in an office building restroom lying next to an inflatable, anatomically correct doll with his pants down. Craig S. McCullough, 47, was charged Wednesday with indecent exposure, a misdemeanor.

The criminal complaint against McCullough says he was discovered in the public restroom by an agent for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, which is one of the federal agencies that rents space in the Hach office building.

McCullough was arrested, and Cedar Rapids police took him to the Linn County jail. His arraignment was scheduled later Friday, police spokeswoman Cristy Hamblin said.

Another agency has an outstanding warrant against McCullough, but the reason for that warrant was not immediately clear, Hamblin said. He was still in jail Friday morning and it wasn't clear if he had an attorney.

McCullough's criminal record includes a 2004 conviction for burglarizing Just For Me bridal boutique. Shortly after the burglary, police officers found McCullough in a nearby alley, carrying a mannequin wearing a bridal dress.
It's good to know that ICE agents are on the job, protecting Americans from those who would mistreat sex dolls.

I know the desk clerk at Holiday Inn might have asked some embarrassing questions, but wouldn't it have been less trouble for the guy to just get a room?

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