Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mosques Sell Hate Literature
The UK Government is Confused
Neo-Nazi Groups on the Rise?

Related Stories in Great Britain

Troubling news in the air from Europe and particularly Great Britain.

Two articles are published on the same day in Great Britain. One details how the vilest of hate literature is being sold in mosques in England. The other relates the UK government's indifference or ignorance or both to some suspicious related activities. Neo-Nazi groups are on the move in Europe. Could their rise in England be far behind?

First, reporting on the hate literature distributed in English mosques from the Times Online:

Books calling for the beheading of lapsed Muslims, ordering women to remain indoors and forbidding interfaith marriage are being sold inside some of Britain’s leading mosques, according to research seen by The Times.

Some of the fundamentalist works were found at the bookshop in the London Central mosque in Regent’s Park, which is funded by the Saudi regime and is regularly visited by government ministers. Its director, Ahmad al-Dubayan, is also a Saudi diplomat and was among those greeting King Abdullah when he arrived in Britain last night for his official state visit.

Extremist literature, including passages supporting the stoning of adulterers and waging violent jihad, was also found on sale at many other mosques regarded as mainstream institutions.

Next, Member of Parliment, Paul Goodman writes about the confusion in the ranks of those watching out for the U.K.'s security here:

Tablighi Jamaat is a controversial organisation which wants to build a large mosque close to the site of the 2012 Olympic stadium. Its critics claim that it’s associated with extremism and terrorism. Ministers may have a view on these claims – but, if so, won’t say what it is.
After relating his experiences with trying to obtain some answers to the government's policy--or lack of it--he comes to a few conclusions.
First, that Ministers may nor may not have a view on whether Tablighi Jamaat is associated with extremism or terrorism.

Second, that if they believe that Tablighi Jamaat is associated with either or both, they’ve none the less not proscribed it.

Third, that they won’t say anything about anything.

And fourth, that no inference is to be drawn from the fact that they won’t say anything about anything.
Both present a troubling view: both for those practicing the commerce in hate and those who are supposed to be policing this sort of thing. It also ought to give pause to the legions who rush to condemn anyone asking questions about this sort of thing. But it probably won't.

The rise of hard-core reactionary parties throughout Europe is one result of political elites not addressing the problem of immigrants who refuse to assimilate in the societies they've chosen to live in. As long as the elites refuse to address these problems, there will be those who fill the void. This helps explain the resurgence in popularity in European White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi groups recently. Look for a similar rise in unsavory groups in Great Britain to fill the leadership void on this issue.

Meanwhile, the steady stream of British who choose to leave the island and emigrate to saner, hopefully-safer climes, continues.

Who can blame them?

by Mondoreb
[image: Times Online]


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