Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not a Happy Place Right Now: Sox Win 10-5

[images provided by RidesAPaleHorse]

by Mondoreb

RidesAPaleHorse writes: Well.......not a really happy place tonight but I thought you'd like to see what Coors Field looks like from the air. A friend of mine who works for one of the TV stations here flies in and shoots from the helicopter (traffic/weather etc.) sent me these earlier this evening.

The photos are excellent and might serve to take Rockies' fans minds off the sad results of the game. The Red Sox won 10-5 and are within one game of a sweep of the Rockies. So, yes, there's some gloom in the Centennial State this morning.

However, to RAPH (and Little Baby Ginn) and all Rockies' supporters, there's one piece of advice to keep in mind: Hope springs eternal!

And if that doesn't work, the famous rallying cry from years gone past will: Wait 'til next year!


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