Sunday, October 14, 2007

Right Wing Blog Awards, October

by Hummmbert

Right Wing Blog Awards: October 2007 Edition

The Right Wing Blog Awards, handing out recognition to the Right half of the political blogosphere since October 2007. Okay, let's get our first edition underway.

One Reason NOT to Elect Hillary:
1. Article: Pay My Mortgage
Blog URL: BentSense
From the Blog:"Hillary Clinton wants you to pay my mortgage."
Best Use of Invective by a Dead U.S. Ex-President:
2. Sammy Benoit presents YID With LID: Teddy Roosevelt to Democrats - You are Jack Fools, Cowards and Ostriches posted at YID With LID.
Best Three-Joke Intro to a Blog Article:
3. Article: Adsense Psychology
Blog URL: The Robinson Go Blog
From the Blog: "Humor + AdSense + Psychology = WOW!"

Why Tree-huggers Should Move to Cuba
4 Article: Green Issues
Blog URL: Money is the Way
From the Blog: "How socialists have reinvented themselves."
Best Anti-Censorship Resource
5. Danogo presents Internet Censorship is Alive, But Not Well: Web Proxy Sites Still Allow Free Speech posted at - Discover. Inspiring . Media.
Best Answer to Media Matters' Bed-Wetting Smears
6. Sammy Benoit presents Ann Coulter is NOT an Anti-Semite posted at YID With LID.

Best Use of the Phrase "Racist-Gringo-In-Chief"
7. Article: STONE COLD Fox--Vicente Fox to Bush: "You Got Borders? You Racist!"
Blog URL: Death By 1000 Papercuts
From the blog: "Vincente has pulled out his Mexican Army Knife and stabbed George in the back."

Best Alternate Tortures Methods
8. Sammy Benoit presents Whitehouse Announces Change in Torture Methods posted at YID With LID.

And that concludes October's Right Wing Blog Awards. Worthy winners all.
Next Edition: November 11, 2007. All submissions to: or at Blogcarnival.

Winners can pick up their awards at Right Wing Blog Awards Displays.

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