Monday, October 15, 2007

Russian Diplomat at UN Sentenced to Four Years For Normal UN Behavior

[graphic: Screw the U.N.]

by Mondoreb

Someone got caught with a hand in the cookie jar that was the United Nations' Oil-For-Food program. Seems that all the news about that misbegotten scam is about bribes and U.N. diplomats pocketing cash that should have went for Iraqi food and medicine.

From Screw the U.N.:
Oil for Food and a bribing mood.
A Russian diplomat who once chaired a U.N. budget committee was sentenced on Friday to more than four years in prison for helping launder more than $300,000 in bribes and taking a share of the money.
Original story from Reuters.

The Russian diplomat can thank his lucky stars that he only ran afoul of a U.S. court and judge. One wonders what would have happened to him had he ripped Vladamir Putin.


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