Monday, October 1, 2007

SC Pipebomber Posted "How-To" Video On YouTube

by Mondoreb & Little Baby Ginn

This is a tale of two wacky kids out for a night of fun and fireworks. They were stopped by the cops for speeding and were found, not far from a U.S. naval base with explosives and pipe bombs in their car. CAIR immediately issued a press release saying that they were victims of 'racial profiling'. And news soon came out that the pipe bombs were merely 'fireworks'. Just two fellows out for a joy ride and some fun.

Instead of being victims of racial profiling, it seems one of the suspects was a victim of his own private PR machine. News comes today that he issued a the YouTube video that was yanked for showing how to detonate a remote-control car.
From the Washington Post
MIAMI -- On a video posted to this summer, a man speaking Egyptian-accented Arabic instructed viewers how to convert a remote-controlled toy car into a bomb detonator.

The 12-minute lesson was referenced on the popular video-sharing Web site under the search terms "detonator from a distance," "suiciders" and "martyrdoms."
Like many in the jihad game, the man in the video was an martyrdom advocate--as long as martyrdom involved someone else.
A detonator could "save one who wants to be a martyr for another day, another battle," the man told viewers, according to federal prosecutors.

Last month, authorities identified the instructor as Mohamed Ahmed, 24, a graduate engineering student at the University of South Florida. An Egyptian national, he'd been stopped for speeding in South Carolina on Aug. 4, then arrested with a fellow student for allegedly carrying four pipe bombs in the trunk.
It's looking harder and harder to portray the video-making, bomb-instructing Mohamed as merely a man with a taste for fireworks and fast cars: a victim of the fascist police guilty of racial profiling. But one bets that that won't deter CAIR.

From the Washington Post
The company [YouTube] would not say how long the detonator video was available on the site; how many times, if any, it was viewed; or whether the company took it down as part of normal policing based on viewer tips or whether it was removed at the FBI's request.

Some details from Blogs of War - Bigger, Better!.
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