Friday, October 26, 2007

A Slither Through
The Hate-Filled World of Tedrall

Yesterday, Little Green Footballs pointed out the latest offering from the twisted little cartoonist known as Ted Rall. After looking at some of Rall's other hate-filled scribblings, it might be good to offer a tour. So here's a slick slither through the Hate-Filled World of Tedrall:

Ted Rall on October 24:
When Bill Clinton was president, Republicans said he should be afraid to speak at military bases. That should go double for Bush. The next he shows up to use you as a TV prop, soldiers and fellow Americans, boo the crap out of him. What's the worst he can do? Kill you?

The cartoon that got everyone upset:
[click on cartoons to enlarge them.]

Perhaps, though it's hard to imagine why, a perfectly intelligent person might have joined the military early in the Bush Administration. Four years into Iraq and six years into the meatgrinder of Afghanistan, however, it's fair to say that only a less than brilliant person would sign away his life for, literally, nothing. (Save your e-mails, righties: citing "patriotism" as a reason to enlist doesn't work. French patriots didn't fight for the Vichy regime during World War II. They joined the resistance. A patriot would have nothing to do with the military while the White House is occupied by an illegitimate coup leader.)

Anyway, if the carnage continues in Iraq for another 500 years, it stands to reason that the average I.Q. of those who remain behind will increase. Thus this cartoon...
The smiley face is a nice touch, for someone making money off the deaths of soldiers. Maybe he's auditioning for Official Cartoonist of Code Pink? Chicago Ray takes issue with Mr. Tedrall.
This human shitbag really takes free speech to it's limits with these disgusting and near treasonous during wartime kiddie scribbles, damning the very people that give that p***y the right to draw what he draws. He also pens a paid column excerpted below that spits out the same anti military and general America hating garbage in word form, including one yesterday that is nearly the most despicable thing I've read throughout the entire war without a doubt.

Chicago Ray is just getting warmed up.
Yesterday's column is just another hate filled left loon statement spitting and pissing on the soldiers that this worm wouldn't have the guts to get near in real life nor anyone like myself for that matter while spewing this drivel out loud, his perverted way of supporting them is his mantra. Lest he'd get his dimunitive ass whipped, just like he obviously did all through his entire life judging by his inner hatred for people who unlike himself are stronger than he filled with character and strength, just like these soldiers that protect this country and the people within it including scum like himself day in and out without question 24 /7 - 365.

Again, providing him along with the rest of us the very freedom that he abuses hiding behind the first amendment to say and write the vile things that he does and get paid for it no less while he's at it. So in other words and ironically not only does that scrawny little shitbag owe his freedoms to those very soldiers he despises, but the very food he eats, clothing he wears and the air he breathes.

in other words his entire pathetic useless existence is provided courtesy the sacrifice and deaths of US soldiers of today and yesterday that he claims to be fighting for by his twisted opposition to them following their commander in chief's orders fighting a war against terrorism and terror.
Tedrall got fired from the New York Times in March 2004. How nutbaggish do you have to be get fired from the Times? Pretty whacked, one would be tempted to answer. Tedrall, while mocking people who suit up and die for their country, really is a little girl when his own little piggies are getting stepped on.

After the Times canceled his cartoonish cartoons, he wrote and whined and complained and begged the three guys who read him to write letters. For those who have a bathos Jones, the whole mawkish story as related by Tedrall, can be perused. A sample (from March 9, 2004):
Right-wing bloggers are at it again. It wasn't enough to get my cartoons pulled from The New York Times--now they say my "whining" about it is unseemly. Of course, the warbloggers like to keep this tactic to themselves, they're so damned good at it. But to hell with that.

If you're tired of losing every cultural and political battle, then please join me in mimicking the relentlessness of the right. Write to the Times to let them know how you feel about them pulling my cartoons in response (solely, as they admit) due to Republican pressure:
If one is going to go in for hate, it's the hate of giving Tedrall's website more attention than it would ever get otherwise. So let's give a little attention to Cox & Forkum. The conservative cartoonists took a look at their Tedrall below.
The cartoon that attracted their attention follows. Notice his use of "Afghan resistance" instead of the "Taliban".

Just so you think that Tedrall's thoughts never turn to love, that's just not true. We leave this last cartoon as evidence.
Tedrall's work can be viewed by Borat & buddies in central Asia these days. One place his work is featured is Turkmenistan. If it's any consolation, at least these little love notes won't be seen by New York Times' readers.

Tedrall's latest from Central Asia:
It's just one big, steady climb up the career ladder for Tedrall.

by Mondoreb

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