Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spooky Halloween Political Pictures:


A trick-or-treat break on Halloween. Here's the spookiest pictures of people in the news we could find. From Jason bin-Laden to Evil Dick Cheney to Evilly Clinton, if you don't find one of these that scare you, you aren't paying attention to the news.

Maureen Dowd's next New York Times column?


To her opponents, she's Evilly Clinton

No wonder they can't find Jason bin-Laden

Palestinians and Israelis alike fear the Condi Witch

Three famous witches prepare toil and trouble for a favorite foe

Everyone's favorite Nobel Prize-winning Enviromentalist

by Little Baby Ginn
& Mondoreb

See more great Halloween Spookies at Freaking News.
Yesterday's PIXELANEOUS:
Contented Cows?


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