Friday, October 19, 2007

Waiting for the "Racist" Shoe to Drop:

Tancredo Introduces Immigrant DNA Bill


by Mondoreb & Little Baby Ginn

Tom Tancredo introduced a bill into the House of Representatives this week that requires immigrants to submit DNA samples if they are seeking to join relatives in the U.S. This measure, already in force in France, is a sure way to verify what is being claimed by the potential immigrants: that they are related to persons already living in America.

The clock is ticking on the first branding of Tancredo as a "racist" for seeking the measure. From Politics West:
Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo wants foreigners seeking visas to join relatives in the U.S. to provide DNA samples to prove their family ties.

The Colorado congressman introduced a bill Tuesday in the House to require the tests, saying documents provided by immigrants to show they are related to U.S. citizens or permanent residents are sometimes sketchy and unreliable.

"This will help protect the integrity of our immigration system," said Tancredo, who has based his presidential campaign on curbing immigration. "It will give us one more tool to make sure that the beneficiaries of these visas are who they say they are."

Immigrants would pay for the DNA costs through visa application fees under the proposal.

Earlier this month, France's Senate passed an immigration bill that would allow consular officers to request DNA samples from immigrants wanting to join families there.
This may introduce some inconvenience into the system for the would-be immigrant. However, as anyone who was born in this country and has lost their driver's license can attest, that hoop-jumping is already in the system for the native born.

The "racist" countdown clock begins.


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