Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Clintons & "Where Few Dare to Go":

Is It a Marriage or a "Marriage"?


by Mondoreb

Hard to believe one's eyes reading MSNBC's First Read:
Over the past 10 months, the national media have reported on almost every angle possible in this presidential race, especially as it relates to Hillary Clinton. But few -- outside of the books by Sally Bedell Smith and Carl Bernstein, and a May 2006 New York Times piece -- have examined the Clintons’ marriage.
First Read can be excused if the American Specatator isn't on its preferred reading list over there. AmSpec has published countless observations, views and remarks about the Clinton's marriage, or "marriage" as it's often referred to over at the center of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Not in the last 10 months, but certainly a look at the Clinton's marriage occurred in Christopher's Buckley's novel, "No Way to Treat a First Lady", for those who were looking. Way back in '04, Powers That Be was talking about how "No Way to Treat a First Lady", and how it was a thinly-disguised take on the Clinton marriage:
Chris Buckley's novel, which was a parody of the Clinton marriage, "No way to treat a first lady", has won the James Thurber Prize for humor. Since the Clinton marriage is already a parody, Buckley's accomplishment is monumental indeed. A parody of a parody is tough to pull off, but this book has done just that.
Whether the Clintons have a marriage or a "marriage" is sure to get more attention the closer the election cycle draws to its climax. Why all this talk about Hillary calling her husband "romantic"?

Isn't that how a "marriage" should be?


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