Sunday, October 28, 2007

W.M.D. in Iran? U.S.A.Take Action?
M.D. in N.Y.T. Writes About E.D.C.?

Q.E.D. To the Max

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by Mondoreb

This is getting to be too much like the synapses of a lab rat clicking. Mo Dowd needs to come up with a column idea, Evil Dick Cheney is the subject, then we respond to it. Our keyboard and Dowd's both need a Pavlovian drool shield.

The latest on Evil Dick Cheney, related as Dowd channels the spirit of Scarlett O'Hara, gazing skyward and breathlessly intoning "tomorrow is another day", in the New York Times:
RUSSERT: First you threatened to take action if Iran built a nuclear weapon. Now you’re threatening to take action if Iran knows how to build a nuclear weapon. What’s next? You threaten to take action if Ahmadinejad dresses up as a nuclear weapon for Halloween?

CHENEY: Well, the difficulty here is, each time he has rejected what he was called upon to do by the international community. I’m not sure now, no matter what he says, that anyone would believe him. He’s pretending he doesn’t have W.M.D., just like Saddam.
And then the big finish.
RUSSERT: It’s so close to the next election, Mr. Vice President, shouldn’t you just keep on the diplomatic track and let the next president make this decision?

CHENEY: You really want Rudy Giuliani playing with the nuclear button, Tim? Now, that’s insane.

The above excerpt is representative of the whole. Evil Dick Cheney and his Malicious Minions are beating on the war drums and dancing madly around a campfire somewhere in Washington. All the while, poor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is off giving nuclear alms to widows.

And in New York, Mo Dowd is thinking, "Doesn't anyone realize the danger? I must warn them! Quick Lassie! Go get Timmy!" This episode's Guest Star: Rudy Giuliani as "The Nuclear Madman"!

Nuclear Arms in Iran? The U.S. Take Action? Maureen takes on Evil Dick Cheney?

Q.E.D. to the max.

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