Thursday, November 1, 2007

Catholic Group Slams Latest Britney
Spears Pix As "Bottom of the Barrel"

Pictures from Britney Spears' latest album have some Catholics in an uproar and it's easy to see why. The publicity campaign goes back in time and borrows a page from Madonna's use of religious symbols to drum up business.

More from the New York Daily News:
At least one said the saucy snapshots, which grace the singer's thumping new dance album, "Blackout," are a "bottom of the barrel" stunt from a girl who really could use some quality time spent repenting sins in a wooden cubicle.

"This is all the puzzle pieces coming together. This girl is crashing," said Bill Donohue, president of the New York-based Catholic League. "She's not even allowed to bring up her own kids because she's not responsible enough. Now we see she can't even entertain."
Britney should say "Bless Me Father for I have sinned". Not necessarily for the cheap publicity photos or for the unimaginative PR campaign of her latest musical offering.

For the lack of good music.

by Mondoreb
& Little Baby Ginn
[image:NY Daily News]


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