Thursday, November 8, 2007

DBKP Blog Roundup: November 8 2007

Little Baby Ginn takes a stroll through DBKP's "Own Private Blogosphere" and brings backs snapshots of note and interest. Whether you agree with the items or not, they're interesting. Here's Ginn's latest goodies:

Genuinely Afraid

Former Republican congressional leader Newt Gingrich discusses the War On Terror at the National Press Club on August 7, 2007.

Referring to his grandchildren, Gingrich said:

I believe they are in greater danger of dying from enemy activities than we were in the Cold War … I am genuinely afraid that this political system will not react until we lose a city.

From ChenZhen's Chamber:
My 11⁄2 Years At LGF, Part VIII: Sockpuppet Revealed!
I’m going to conclude this series by treating the lizards to a little surprise…
Mr. Poopypants = ChenZhen

On one warm August afternoon, while sitting in front of a brand-new work computer, I decided to visit the site and noticed that LGF’s registration was open. Now, up until that point, I had been online for a few of these windows of opportunity, but I had always resisted the temptation to register another nickname. Sockpuppetry just isn’t my thing, after all. On this occasion, however, I felt that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have another account- just in case. I dunno, maybe I got the feeling that ”ChenZhen’s” banishment was imminent. Anyway, the problem was, I was drawing a blank on what name to give my impostor entity. Time was running out, and I had to think fast. What should the name be? Desperate, I looked up to the masthead to remind myself what site I was on (a reference to boogers, or so I’ve guessed), and the inspiration hit me. “Mr. Poopypants” was thereby, er…um…”hatched”.

From Chicago Ray:
Lawsuit Better Late Than Never By Judicial Watch

I'm puzzled as to why a group usually on top of things of this nature, particularly as it pertains to the Clinton's, hadn't filed this lawsuit at a much earlier time in regards to Hill and Bill's intentional stonewalling regarding the release of Clinton presidential documents from that time frame that Hillary is actively flouting and running on as her flimsy credentials for becoming the next president of our country.

From Cripes Suzette:

Dog Dogs Dog Cat Dog Puppies

1. Dog. After all is said and done, I want another corgi. I'm sure little purse-sized dogs are fine for the likes of Paris and Britney, and the big galoots do well for things like My Three Sons and the Brady Bunch, but once you've known a corgi, you can't do with any lesser personality.

One late addition from Everybody Needs Therapy, because--hey--how can you ignore a shout-out?
But creativity in the blogosphere abounds. For example, The Lost War on Drugs at Death by 1000 Paperclips will have you wondering (if you're me) where you've been. And I don't know where I stand on legalization, by the way, so no assumptions here. I'm probably not pro.
Doc, it's okay you're not pro. Life is all about growth and dealing with changing perceptions. Our parents probably aren't pro, either--and we still love them.

And that's the state of our Own Private Blogosphere, Thursday November 8 2007.

by Little Baby Ginn

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