Thursday, November 1, 2007

'Dog The Bounty Hunter'

Cancelled Over "N-Word"

Looks like Daune Chapman who stars in the show as the colorful Dog, the Bounty Hunter wasn't so keen on one color. Dog was treated the way many of the people he stalked were: handcuffed. Only it was public condemnation at tapes of voice mails he sent his son, liberally laced with the "N-word".

Listen to Duane Chapman Audio Tapes and UPDATE Here.

More from Penny Parker, at the Rocky Mountain News:
Looks like Denver-born bounty hunter Duane Dog Chapman is in deep doo-doo after the National Enquirer obtained a racist rant the reality star unleashed against his son, Tucker, who is dating an African-American woman.

In a vicious voicemail, Chapman's tirade is liberally laced with the "N" word along with expletive deleteds not fit to print in this newspaper. In the rants (the Enquirer says it has obtained two undated tapes), Chapman berates his son for his relationship with Monique Shinnery out of concern that Shinnery, who is black, will set him up because of the language the Dog uses.

In a story posted on Wednesday, part of the eight-minute tape demands that Tucker break up with Shinnery or be fired from the family bail bondsmen biz. Chapman, who spends most of his time in his Hawaii home, maintains a bail bonds business in Denver.
Centennial State newspapers are a-buzz over the scandal. More from the Denver Post:
Television bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman apologized Wednesday for repeatedly using a racial slur in a profanity-laced tirade during a private phone conversation with his son that was recorded and posted online.

In a statement, the 54-year-old Chapman said he has "utmost respect and aloha for black people who have suffered so much due to racial discrimination and acts of hatred.

"I did not mean to add yet another slap in the face to an entire race of people who have brought so many gifts to this world," he said. "I am ashamed of myself and I pledge to do whatever I can to repair this damage I have caused."

Chapman also said in the tapes he didn't care if his son's girlfriend was black. The Honolulu-based bounty hunter first grabbed the media spotlight for apprehending serial rapist and Max Factor heir Andrew Luster in Mexico in 2003. Those were happier days.

His A&E show "Dog, The Bounty Hunter" was cancelled after news of the tapes surfaced.
Its just as well: it's hardcuffing a perp with your foot in your mouth.

by Mondoreb
& Little Baby Ginn


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