Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Lesbianism:

It Would Set Gay Rights Back 50 Years

Hillary's possible lesbianism: Only whispered about til now?

Hillary Clinton a lesbian?

With her "personal" aide who's been described as "mysterious" and "glamorous"?

The speculation that the former first lady has a thing for ladies has the pundits panting. The rumblings from the edges of the press brigades are gathering force as the smell of scandal to the press is like blood in the water to pirhanas. The story is that the Los Angeles Times is sitting on a major sex scandal involving one of the candidates. Given the fact that if it involved a Republican, it would have appeared well before any facts were fully gathered, attention turns to the Democrats.

Now someone in the government, a Department of Justice official speaks--off the record, of course--at Big Head DC:
“I am close enough to Hillary and [her personal aide]Huma [Abedin] to tell you that this ‘rumor’ is true,” the official says. “It is well known inside her campaign that Hillary and Huma are an item.

“If you call Hillary’s residence in DC first thing in the morning, Huma answers the phone,” the official continues. “Same thing late at night and on the road. It’s a closely guarded secret that Hillary’s inner circle guards at all costs.”

Now the story turns to the argument: Are you born gay or do you "turn"?
Luke Ford makes more observations and sense:
Like the rest of us, Hillary needs love. Unlike the rest of us, Hillary is powerful enough to get what she wants.

Like any woman, Hillary needs hugs and comfort and solace. She’s not had that regularly from Bill for many years. Where’s it coming from? Huma is the source that makes the most sense.
So to sum up, we've got one unnamed source in the Justice Department, an array of bloggers chomping at the bit, plenty of rumors and one L.A. Times story that's supposedly sitting in the hopper. No proof yet, but the story should be the concern in the Gay Community if Hillary turns out have bitten by the love that dares not speak its name.

The mere thought of Hillary being Gaydom's most celebrated spokeswoman should be enough to spark demonstrations in the streets of San Francisco. Anyone tortured by confusion about their sexuality would double over in pain after watching her torture the question of her vote for Iran. To have her explain her position on lesbianism, whether she was one, or was for or against it--doors across America would be slamming as people jumped back into the closet.

Hillary Clinton a lesbian? It would likely set their whole movement back 50 years, minimum.

by Mondoreb

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