Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Iowa Farm Family Buried By Massive Tidal Wave Of Corn

In a scene straight out of an agricultural horror film an Iowa family barely escaped with their lives after a massive tidal wave of corn destroyed their home.

DES MOINES, Iowa---- A grain bin collapsed and sent a tidal wave of corn into a home, sweeping it off its foundation, trapping a family of four and shaking the ground for miles.

One man was taken to a hospital after being buried for hours in grain and debris in Hillsboro in southeast Iowa.

The bin -- about 100 feet in diameter, 90 feet high and containing more than 500,000 bushels of corn -- collapsed Monday evening. The force of the grain broke the walls of Jesse and Jennifer Kellett's home and sent the roof crashing down.

''The force actually took the house with the corn and shoved it and crushed it,'' Dan Wesely, Henry County chief sheriff's deputy, said Tuesday.

Source - Chicago Sun-Times - Iowa grain bin collapse floods home with corn, traps family


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