Monday, November 12, 2007

King of Spain: "Shut Up!"
Chavez: "You are a Bull,
I am A Bull-Fighter"

Chavez Accuses King of Coup Knowledge

Hugo Chavez wants to know: What did the King of Spain know and when did he know it?

Chavez, not known for his demure personality, escalated the war of words between the Venezuelan dictator-wannabee and the Spain's king. Showing the manners Chavez is famous for, he demanded to know the monarch's knowledge of a 2002 coup.

King Juan Carlos told Chavez to "shut up" at a conference in Chile after Chavez called ex-Spain Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar a "fascist".

Spanish media almost unanimously cheered their King.

More and the President of Venezuela and the spat involving the nation that used to rule it from BBC News:
On Sunday Mr Chavez said the king was "imprudent" and asked if he knew in advance of the brief coup against him.

As he left the Ibero-American Summit in Chile's capital, Santiago, Mr Chavez questioned whether Spain's ambassador had appeared with Venezuelan interim president Pedro Carmona during the two-day coup in 2002 with the monarch's blessing.

"Mr King, did you know about the coup d'etat against Venezuela, against the democratic, legitimate government of Venezuela in 2002?" he asked at a news conference.

"It's very hard to imagine the Spanish ambassador would have been at the presidential palace supporting the coup plotters without authorisation from his majesty."

Spain's El Mundo newspaper quoted Mr Chavez as saying that on Saturday the king had "got very mad, like a bull".

"But I'm a great bullfighter - ole!" he said.

On Sunday, Mr Chavez said he hoped the spat would not damage relations.

"But I think it's imprudent for a king to shout at a president to shut up. Mr King, we are not going to shut up."
Hugo Chavez is a bullfighter? One thinks Mr. Chavez got the part about 'bull' right, at any rate.

After listening to Chavez and his boorish behavior the last several years, it's apparent he enjoys calling leaders of free nations names. It seems Chavez has a taste for labeling leaders of free countries.

While his own people are massing for further demonstrations against the loss of their freedom, he calls the elected PM of Spain a "fascist". Masked gunmen shot students protesting several days ago; few doubted who the thugs answered to.

Hugo Chavez can conduct himself before the Venezuelan people people and there is little they can do without fear. The king of Spain told Chavez to "shut up" and was cheered in Spain. Many in Venezuela wish the king had used a megaphone to deliver that message.

Or more.

by Mondoreb


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