Friday, November 2, 2007

Motorcyclists Terrify Motorists:

Like a Bad Movie

A couple St. Louis-area motorists were the victims of a bizarre group of bikers who can only be said were auditioning for a part in the next big B-movie.

A throng of motorcyclists terrified two motorists in separate incidents over the weekend and has local police officers at a loss as to what to do about it.

The two episodes involved motorcyclists who were doing stunts as they surrounded vehicles in St. Louis and St. Louis County. Both motorists said that they were almost forced to stop on the roadway because the riders on Japanese-model motorcycles started throwing things at or kicking their vehicles.

The first incident happened about 2:45 p.m. Sunday, when a man was driving his Chrysler LHS on northbound Interstate 270 as it approached Interstate 70 in Maryland Heights.

According to a 911 tape released by police, the motorist pleaded for police to help him: "There's 50 of them (motorcyclists) and they're trying to take over the highway. … This guy just threw something at my car. You gotta get some cops out here. The whole highway is jammed." The sound of motorcycle engines whined in the background

As the man was talking, a 911 call came in from a motorist driving south on Interstate 270: "Is somebody coming? They're kicking this guy's car."

The woman caller gave the same location: Interstate 270 north at Interstate 70.

About five minutes after the first call, the dispatcher sent police.

By the time police arrived, the group of cyclists were gone from Maryland Heights' jurisdiction and were driving east on Interstate 70, toward the city.

The dispatcher called the man back: "I don't know if anyone can pull over 50 bikes. That's the issue!"

Maryland Heights Police Capt. Bill Carson said the motorist did not file a complaint or stop and talk with an officer. The lack of a report left police with few follow-up options, he said.
Motorists can take heart in the police dispatcher's lament: you can't pull over 50 bikes. Next time you're thinking of getting somewhere in a hurry and speeding:

Get 49 of your closest friends and go for it.

--From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Notes by Little Baby Ginn & Mondoreb


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