Sunday, November 11, 2007

Shout Outs For Shout Outs

From the above picture, some might guess our subject's to be the Op-Ed crew at the New York Times. Tempting, but it's a Sunday evening and after a hard day of slaving over a hot blog, we just wanted to give some shout outs for some Carnival shouts DBKP received today.

Dr. Sanity, over at Carnival of the Insanities put up 1st Round Action from the DBKP Ultimate Political Cage Match.

And therapydoc at Everyone Needs Therapy featured our Pixelaneous: Fantastic Sand Castles.

Two docs paying attention to us usually makes us nervous, but not these two.

Go see what they've collected. Not only will they be good for your head, they'll be good for the funny bone, too.

by Mondoreb

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