Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving Spit Roasted Camel Recipe

Some smoke Camels, others spit roast them:

Looking for something different to serve this Thanksgiving?

Spit Roasted Camel, French Style

Cooking Time: 15 hours

1200 pd Camel, skinned
Giant pit
tons of charcoal (unable to acquire large enough deep fat fryer at this time)
Kosher salt
Vat of Olive Oil
Nice bottle of Beaujolais

Dig large pit, fill with charcoal
Coat camel with olive oil, Kosher Salt
Dump camel on charcoal when ash is gray
Roast camel

French chef Christian Falco spit-roasted a 1,213-pound camel for 15 hours in Morocco over the weekend, claiming the record for the biggest animal ever barbecued.
Serving camel is "a tradition that has fallen out of favor," Falco, 63, said
"I brought it back," he said.

Source - New York Post - Weird But True

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