Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Blues: How To Tell If You Need Therapy

Mondo finds a way to combat Holiday depression.

Does the holiday season get you down?

Take this quiz to see if you need therapy for holiday depression.

1. Holiday songs playing incessantly on the store and mall loudspeakers starting the day after Halloween drive you up the wall.

2. Shopping for months buying gifts- -for people who ask for the receipt to return it or tell you it’s the wrong color, the wrong size, or not what they wanted--makes you wonder why you spend time and money on such "ungrateful" bastards.

3. You feel there's no escape from the gazillion Christmas commercials guilt-tripping everyone into buying expensive presents to “prove” how much you care for someone.

4. You've run out of places to store your Great Aunt's Christmas fruitcake.

5. You'd rather spend Christmas down at the Rescue Mission than with your relatives.

6. Christmas parties sound fun only if you can sit in the corner and drink a fifth of vodka/whiskey/scotch.

7. You take up smoking two cigarettes at a time.

8. Have an annual cutting-up credit card ritual in January.

9. Santa leaves a 10 lb. bag of coal in your stocking and a note that you're on "Double Secret Probation".

10. You wish you had sand between your toes instead of a foot of snow to shovel.

If you answered yes on four or more questions than perhaps your Christmas blues are actually based on the reality of the holiday versus what all the holiday 'pushers' want you to feel.

Think about it when you’re in the corner drinking your booze and smoking those two cigarettes.

Cheers from Little Baby Ginn, Mondo, & RAPH

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