Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fidel Castro is Fit, Rested and Ready

Is Fidel Castro really "healthier... with some small physical limitations"?

Call off the Castro Death Watch: anyone worried about Fidel Castro, can quit worrying.

From the Communist island paradise that is Cuba, comes word that Fidel Castro is tan, fit, rested and ready.

Fidel Castro remains on the mend, gaining weight, exercising twice a day and continuing to help make the Cuban government's top decisions, his brother Raul Castro says.

Though Fidel's appearances are limited to members of the ruling Communist party elite, it is insisted that his recovery is going well.
The island's acting president gave the first clues about his brother's health in weeks, saying during a Monday speech that he has a "healthier mentality, full use of his mental faculties with some small physical limitations."

At 76, Raul is five years younger than his ailing brother, who has not been seen in public since announcing he had undergone emergency intestinal surgery and was stepping down in favor of a provisional government in July 2006.

But multiple surgeries and reports that his demise is imminent doesn't seem to slow down Cuba's Communist dictator. His brother says he's ready and roaring to go.
But the younger Castro said his brother remains a key voice in government and that Communist Party leaders support his re-election to Cuba's parliament, the National Assembly — a move that could allow Fidel Castro to keep his post as president of the Council of State.

"We consult him on principal matters, that is why we the leaders of the party defend his right to run again as deputy of the National Assembly as a first step," Raul Castro said.

Despite the many "Castro Death Watch" websites, newsletter and other countdowns to the Cuban leaders death that have appeared in 2007, brother Raul continues to issue good news of his ailing brother's health.

Once again, though no one has seen Fidel, Raul has issued another cheery progress report.

Whether such reports are true, just a method for Raul to consolidate control, or to keep a lid on possible uprisings that are sure to occur upon the death of Fidel Castro, no one outside Cuba's Communist inner circle knows for sure.

One thing is for sure.

The "Castro Death Watch" isn't going to end on the word of Raul Castro that brother Fidel has a "healthier mentality".

by Mondoreb
[idea/image: RidesAPaleHorse]
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