Friday, December 28, 2007

Fred Thompson: Iowa Conservatives Shift To Thompson

Key Undecided Iowa Conservatives Look To Thompson

Fred Thompson Receives the Endorsement of Iowa State Rep. Gary Worthan

Conservative State Leader Supporting Thompson

A late movement by Iowa conservatives toward the Fred Thompson campaign was spotlighted by today's announcement that noted Iowa conservative leader, State Representative Gary Worthan, had endorsed the former Senator from Tennessee.

Many Iowa conservatives have been undecided and Worthan's endorsement was an important one for the Thompson campaign, which got a late start in the 2008 election process.

"Gary Worthan was one of the key Iowa conservatives that had been undecided." stated Bob Haus, Iowa Executive Director for the Thompson campaign. "Gary's endorsement is one we were hoping to pick up in these days leading up to the Iowa Caucuses. We're humbled to get it."

Haus stated that the campaign expects to pick up more endorsements from Iowa conservatives. Conservative support has been encouraging and "the movement on the ground here seems to be toward Fred Thompson."

"Events overseas the last few days have helped highlight Senator Thompson's foreign policy experience. While some of the other candidates, including the front-runners, seem a little perplexed, Senator Thompson's steadiness in his statements and steel in his spine has helped swing some key support to our campaign."

" We'll have some more announcements a little later on. We expect more undecided Iowa conservatives to gravitate our way over the next week."

"We're hearing more voters say they think that Senator Thompson is the best candidate to keep American strong and keep America safe."

More about the Gary Worthan Endorsement:
Today Iowa State Representative Gary Worthan announced his support of Fred Thompson for President of the United States. Representative Worthan joins a strong Thompson organization in Iowa already in place and headed by Iowa State Chair Congressman Steve King and Co-Chairs Representative Kraig Paulsen and Representative Sandy Greiner.

"I've been impressed with Fred's ability to boil the issues down to the essential items, without a lot of hyperbole," stated Representative Worthan. "He just plain tells the truth. We're in a long hard struggle and there are no easy answers like some of the other candidates are coming with."

Gary Worthan represents the conservative 52nd District, serving Buena Vista and Sac Counties. He has served in the Iowa House of Representatives since 2007, when he won a special election to replace the deceased Mary Lou Freeman. Worthan currently serves on several committees in the Iowa House - Agriculture, Public Safety, Transportation and Veterans Affairs. He also serves on the Administration and Regulation Appropriations Subcommittee. Representative Worthan has three sons. His oldest son Ryan is a Major in the Army and earned a Silver Star for serving in Afghanistan and two Bronze Stars for serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. Shannon is a Captain in the Army and earned a Bronze Star in Iraq.

"I am pleased to have the support of Representative Gary Worthan," said Senator Thompson. "I admire his leadership in the Iowa General Assembly and his commitment to conservative principles. Representative Worthan understands the increasing challenges we are facing as a nation both domestically and internationally and the need for strong consistent conservative leadership."

Fred Thompson's Iowa Statewide Legislative Leadership team includes:

U.S. Congressman Steve King, State Chair
State Representative Kraig Paulsen, Co-Chair
State Representative Sandy Greiner, Co-Chair
State Representative Clel Baudler
Former State Senator Bob Brunkhorst
State Representative Royd Chambers
State Representative Jeff Kaufmann
State Representative Jamie Van Fossen
State Representative Gary Worthan

Fred Thompson's campaign has released a steady stream of endorsements in the last several weeks from conservative grassroots groups and organizations.

Gary Worthan's endorsement is a key one for the Thompson campaign in the days leading up to the Iowa Caucuses.

by Mondoreb
* Fred Thompson Receives Endorsement by Iowa Rep. Gary Worthan
* Phone Interview with Bob Haus, Iowa Executive Director


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