Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gift Cards: Ungrateful Ingrates Last Chance to Get a Gift

Some claim that Gift Cards are the last refuge of the lame gift-giver. We disagree. Instead of focusing on the gift giver perhaps it's time to look at the receiver as well.

Stop the Gift Giving Appeasement

Gift cards fill a void. A void left by the gift recipient. In some cases the recipient is someone who is an "ungrateful ingrate." After taking the time to find a gift the giver is not thanked but learns (from the recipient in either a whiny or pained voice) the gift, like Goldilocks and Three Bears, is either too big, too small, not the right color, or they "don't like" it.

Don't Give in to Ingrate's Tactics

This is when the Gift Card comes into play. Like the famous Deadman's Hand, Aces Over Eights, associated with Wild Bill Hickok's poker hand when he was shot dead, the Gift Card should come with a Disclaimer:

To the Recipient of this Gift Card any whining, dissing, or complaints about this card constitutes a forfeiture of future gifts from the giver of this gift card.

Happy Holidays.

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