Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Horror at San Francisco Zoo: Tiger Escapes, One Person Mauled to Death

Sumatran Tiger at San Francisco Zoo

In a story from the AP*, the San Francisco Zoo was evacuated today after four tigers escaped their enclosure, killing one person and injuring two others. One tiger was shot and the others captured.

Tiger Enclosure at San Francisco Zoo [sanfran.jpg]

No word yet as to how the tigers were able to get out of their enclosure. No information as to the identity of the victim.


More from KTVU:

Authorities said they got a 911 call at 5:17 p.m. reporting that at least one tiger had broken loose from its cage and was prowling the grounds. Heavily armed police officers confronted the tiger inside the Terrace Cafe, killing it as it attacked a man. Three other tigers were found on the grounds and returned to their cages.

San Francisco Fire Department Lt. Ken Smith said at least one had been killed. A critically injured man who had been mauled in the face was treated by emergency workers inside the cafe. Another iman -- apparently the brother of the other injured man -- was also being treated at San Francisco General Hospital.

Still no word on as to how the tigers were able to escape their enclosure.


According to a story by UPI on September 7, the zoo had reopened its tiger and lion exhibit after spending $250,000 in safety upgrades to the "dining hall" area. A zookeeper filed a lawsuit alleging that better security could have prevented an attack by a Siberian tiger back in December.

The tiger severely injured Lori Komejan when it managed to tear away the tendon tissue on her right arm.

According to the UPI story the zoo had three Sumatran and two Siberian tigers.

Sources - Please note, we went back on Jan. 10 to review this story and found the original AP, link had been rerouted. We found another source which had the original AP story at Boston.com.


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