Saturday, December 1, 2007

Russia Bums Unlikely To Transmit HIV; Journalists Ranked Second in Risk Groups

"Bums don't have sexual lives,
and they have no money for [injectable] drugs"

From the Moscow Times comes a story about which "groups" were most likely to contract and transmit HIV. According to the head of the Federal Center to Fight AIDS, Journalists and "homosexuals" top the list.

Journalists Help Spread HIV

Journalists and homosexuals top the list of social groups that most actively contract and transmit HIV, Vadim Pokrovsky, head of the Federal Center to Fight AIDS, told the Novy Region news agency Thursday.

He added that the most risky groups were the ones where homosexuals have the opportunity to actively socialize, and he also mentioned policemen, doctors and show-business figures as risk groups.

Pokrovsky said, however, that public perception about high rates of HIV among the homeless had been proven wrong. "Bums don't have sexual lives, and they have no money for [injectable] drugs," he said.
After homosexuals and journalists were cops, doctors and "show business types' as risk groups.

These figures surprised us but then again these only apply to Russia?

Other bums may be in a higher risk group

Source - The Moscow Times

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