Thursday, December 13, 2007

Student Files Federal Lawsuit: Alleges Teacher Christian Basher

A sixteen-year-old student and his parents have filed a federal lawsuit against the boy's Advanced Placement European History teacher at San Juan Capistrano High School.

James Corbett, who teaches Advanced Placement European history at Capistrano Valley High School, consistently "demonstrates a sense of hostility toward religion," causing Christian students to "feel ostracized and treated as second-class citizens," according to the lawsuit filed in federal district court in Santa Ana by Chad Farnan, 16, and his parents, Bill and Teresa.

The lawsuit contends, among other things, that Corbett told students during class that "when you put on your Jesus glasses, you can't see the truth"; said that religion is not "connected with morality"; compared Christians to "Muslim fundamentalists" who want women to "stay pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen and have babies until your body collapses"; and suggested that churchgoers are more likely to commit rape and murder.
Principal Tom Ressler defended Corbett as a "solid" and "popular" teacher, that these were merely "allegations" against the teacher.
The student took a tape recorder to class and left it on his desk in plain sight.
"I'm not sure whether he saw me," the student said. "He's against Christianity and bashes it all the time. He's been indoctrinating us and not teaching the class; we don't need to be hearing his political views during school time when we should be learning."
At issue is whether the alleged "hostility" shown by the teacher towards religion construes a type of "indoctrination." Whether the teacher is a representative of the state and therefore should remain neutral.

The student and his parents do have a point. Students are held "hostage" by teachers who use their class as a bully pulpit, who in essence, become "preachers" instead of teachers. The students cannot speak out for fear of a lesser grade. The teacher, in his role as an authority figure, is using his classroom to bash Christians.

Public schools are funded and paid for by quite a few Christian tax payers. If teachers feel the need to "preach" instead of teach that's fine. Just not on the public dime.

Source - LA Times
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